Mazurka in the Corner

A month to go before our grand tour...

We visited Mazurka in its winter storage. She's ready to get back in the water. Ready for Lake Superior!


Icelantic_review said...

Ok so you didn't sell it and opt in to the canoe with zero moving parts. Don't forget that you are two hours away from some of the best walleye and small mouth bass fishing in the world in Quetico. No cabin cruisers allowed there.

Tom Waterloo

Denise said...

I am sooooo excited for you and glad you decided to go for it. You'll have plenty of material for the sequel. June is not far away so you must be well into wrapping up details. That boat in front of Mazurka looks just like my old one, a 23-foot SeaRay Sundancer with teak railings and accents.

Safe voyage, Felicia & Mark (I trust the cats will stay in dry dock)