Are we really taking this trip?

Our last time onboard Mazurka was 30 degrees in mid-November. I'm wondering if our upcoming trip on Lake Superior will be much different.

In 12 days we set sail for Duluth. I'm in denial. There are too many details to figure out before we go. But what's really to figure out? Put the boat in the water, systems check, buy groceries. There's always the anticipation before going on a trip like this, the worry of trying to plan for every single possible incident. But what's really to plan? Start the engine, start moving. Figure it out as we go. As soon as we're freely moving, everything seems to fall into place.

As my friend Erika reminded me this morning, "When you're out on the bow, it's hard to be mad at God."


Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on your journey. I'll be with you every sail of the way.

Florida Boss said...

I just talked to Ed and Carol. Good Luck with all of those Schneiderhan men. Will it be like the Keystone Cops? Good Luck and I'll be praying for a safe passage for all of you. Someday you will all look back at this and have great memories about this once in a lifetime trip. God Be With You.